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The Coffee Shack

As is often the case in Chiang Mai, things are never quite what they seem, and so it was with the re-opening of Chiang Mai gay legend Coffee Boy Following the surprising news that it was once again open, we went along to check it out.

On arrival, with expectations of the restored splendour of Coffee Boy’s original teak house, we were some what bemused to find the new venue is actually a shack in the car park of the old Coffee Boy! And it’s not even called Coffee boy anymore, but rather “Chiang Mai 19”. Still the people seemed friendly enough, but as we’d arrived quite late all the customers and most of the boys had gone so we can’t comment on how lively or raunchy it gets. Given it’s size it’s hardly going to be a venue for the annual cat swinging contest and the stage fits the description of two’s company and three’s a crowd. But Hey, intimacy can be fun 😉 If they last that long, I just hope they invest in some air con before hot season arrives!

You can see the venue in the opening night pictures on Chiang Mai City Now

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