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The Glass Onion was a real trend setter in Chiang Mai, being the first of a new breed of up market wine and cocktail style bars squarely aimed at more affluent ex-pats. Far from the typical outdoor beer bar, that was the standard for most venues in Chiang Mai back then, Glass Onion was a modern classy joint, with comfortable furnishings done with style. Fully glass fronted and air-conditioned the bar included an indoor waterfall on one wall, a grand piano, and a long bar backed with an ample stock of wines and spirits.

The owner Kris, now sadly deceased, was a gay Korean American and best described as quite a character. He named the Glass Onion after a previous bar he had in the U.S

The bar was managed by handsome bartenders, immaculately groomed and with excellent English skills. Along the bar, instead of bar stools, there were reclining arm chairs and it was here that Kris held court with a regular band of those who thought of themselves as Chiang Mai’s good and great.

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Glass Onion

Venue is bar

This venue closed in  September 2012

Sophisticated wine bar popular with gays

  • Glass Onion
  • Room 1 project 61 Nimmanhaemin Rd, nimmanheminda, chiang mai, Thailand
  • Style : gay owned/mixed
  • 18.79458498.966198

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Kris – Glass Onion

Sad news this week; Kris, the owner of the former Glass Onion has passed away. The Glass Onion, which Kris sold two or three years ago, has already been closed for a year or more now. The bar was quite unique for Chiang Mai and at the time a trend setter both in terms of […]

Then there were three – Bar Updates

CU Bar

Sleaze Alley at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar seems to be suffering a slow death, at the last count two more bars have thrown in the towel leaving only three left: CU Bar, Secrets Bar and Milky Way. Both Twin Peaks and Jungle Juice have closed up shop. The good news, from a recent Saturday night […]

It’s raining!

Evening Thunder Storm

It’s raining! After all, it is rainy season and this year it seems that Chiang Mai is getting plenty. Earlier this month Tropical Storm “Nok Ten” caused limited flooding around Chiang Mai and the Ping River was at the absolute limit for breaching it’s banks around Narawat bridge. Fortunately, no serious flooding occurred in the […]

Soul Bar and Oasis – Guide Updates

Soul Bar is the latest re-incarnation of Inspire Club, a small local bar off Chottana Road in the Chang Puek area near Rajapat University. This mixed student bar is very Gay friendly and has several young and playful male waiters happy to sit and drink with you. It is very Thai style and not much […]

Glass Onion heading for the Cosmos

Long time favourite among the sophisticated set on the Chiang Mai Gay scene, Glass Onion, has spawned a new gay friendly venue across the soi called Cosmos. This open fronted venue is very chic with a completely black decor and serving a similar drinks repertoire to the Glass Onion. A couple of the Bon Tong […]

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