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Articles about coffee and coffees shops in Chiang Mai. COffee is becoming big here having been grown as a replacement crop for opium by local hill tribes.

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Coffee in Santitham

Note: This article was written in 2013 – some of the places mentioned are now closed, whilst an great number of new venues have opened in the intervening period Chang Puek district, Chiang Mai’s north western suburb is home to most of the city’s gay venues and businesses. At its centre, the neighbourhood of Santitham […]

RAM+ Coffee and Bar

RAM+ Coffee

This week saw the grand opening party for RAM+ Coffee and Bar A daytime coffee shop which becomes a bar by night. Their smart and modern premises are fully air conditioned and located down by the river in front of River House Massage. RAM+ is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for coffee and […]

Akha Ama Coffee – Article in Chiang Mai Mail

A couple of weeks ago in this article about places to go when it’s raining we mentioned a hidden gem of a cofeeshop in Santitham called Akha Ama. This month Chiang Mai Mail: has written a very complimentary review of Akha Ama Coffee shop, Under the spotlight: Lee of Akha Ama Coffee, which some of […]

It’s raining!

Evening Thunder Storm

It’s raining! After all, it is rainy season and this year it seems that Chiang Mai is getting plenty. Earlier this month Tropical Storm “Nok Ten” caused limited flooding around Chiang Mai and the Ping River was at the absolute limit for breaching it’s banks around Narawat bridge. Fortunately, no serious flooding occurred in the […]

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