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Goodbye Radchada

Chiang Mai’s well known Restaurant and gay Bar, Radchada Garden Cafe has closed it’s operation in Chiang Mai and is moving to Phayao. Radchada’s owner K. Note said, said, “for many years Radchada has tried hard to support the gay community in Chiang Mai, but now continuing to operate a gay orientated venue in Chiang Mai is no good.”

Gay Chiang Mai 2012 – A review

1st January 2012 already seems a distant memory so, as we enter 2013, we thought we’d look back at some of the things that happened in gay Chiang Mai during 2012. The last year has seen significant changes in the demographics of the Chiang Mai gay scene, with the typical old fashioned foreign style gay […]

Mandagay – End of an era?

Mandalay bar Logo

The rumours have been going around for a few weeks now, after a mini social order crackdown on large late night venues in Chiang Mai. However, this week we had it confirmed from sources close to the management, sadly July 25th will be the last night for Chiang Mai’s Gay Scene legend Mandalay Bar, known […]

Witless at the Garden Bar!

Space Odyssey in Chiang Mai

Following our recent Space Odyssey it seems there have been developments down at the local Space Academy. Further to our intrepid Space Cadet’s promotion to Major the following exchange was recently overheard:   This is Ground Control to Major Wit You’ve really made the grade And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear […]

Smoke and Smog – A solution

Giant Fans

This year the pollution for the annual burning season, which runs from February to April, has been the worst in memory. For many days the smog levels from farmers deliberately starting forest fires have significantly exceeded the safe levels of ‘safe limit’ of 120 µg/m3 and for much of the last two months. Despite promises […]

Then there were three – Bar Updates

CU Bar

Sleaze Alley at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar seems to be suffering a slow death, at the last count two more bars have thrown in the towel leaving only three left: CU Bar, Secrets Bar and Milky Way. Both Twin Peaks and Jungle Juice have closed up shop. The good news, from a recent Saturday night […]

Sun-rising for High Season?

Garden bar Boys

There is chatter in the air, wherever you go: tourists have been spotted in Chiang Mai! Yes, apart from the new floor at the Garden bar and Lisu boys working at Adam’s Apple, the main topic of conversation the last few days has been the noticeable increase in the number of visitors and people out […]


Garden bar

Yesterday saw one of the most earth shattering events to hit Chiang Mai’s Gay scene in a very long time. An event many long timers here never thought they’d get to see, even with mumblings of a gay protest movement being started to campaign about this issue, none believed such a momentous event would ever […]

Whatever Happened to…….. Part 1

After doing a few site updates we noticed how long the list of closed venues is getting, so we thought it would be fun to do an article taking a light hearted look at whatever happened to some of the old places and personalities from Chiang Mai’s gay scene of yesteryear. It quickly became apparent […]

Bar News

Where have all the tourists gone? That is the question many are asking themselves, especially down at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar in the row of outdoor beer bars known locally as “sleaze alley”, due to the area’s past reputation for it’s freelance underage street kid hustlers, drugs and frequent gang fights. We popped in recently […]