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Gay pride is a sensitive issue in Chiang Mai following the abandonment of the parade in 2009 by red shirt thugs. Pride had not been held in Chiang Mai for ten years but on 21st February 2019 Pride returned to Chiang Mai on the 10th anniversary of the 2009 disaster.

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Chiang Mai Pride 2020 – 22 February – The Big Event

Chiang Mai Pride 2020 - logo

Chiang Mai Pride 2020. After the great success of the 2019 event Pride returns on 22 February 2020. The date is significant as it is exactly eleven years since a previous Chiang Mai gay parade was stopped by homophobic thugs and now represents a day for remembering and protesting violence against LGBT people.

Pride returns to Chiang Mai

Exciting News: Pride finally returns to Chiang Mai on 21 February 2019. The tenth anniversary of the LGBT pride event in 2009 that had to be aborted due to homophobic protests and threats of violence.

Chiang Mai’s last gay pride

LGBT Rainbow Flag

Eight years ago today – February 21 2009. This was the darkest day in Chiang Mai’s gay history when hundreds of thugs from the UDD Red Shirt supporters physically threatened the gay pride parade participants and forced the march and celebrations to be cancelled.

The Chiang Mai Gay Scene- A 2017 perspective

gay pool fun at club one seven chiangmai

The Chiang Mai gay scene in 2017. This article takes a look first at gay trends worldwide and then more specifically Chiang Mai to see what’s changed, what’s gone, what’s new and what is the future for gay Chiang Mai.

The day Chiang Mai lost its pride

21st February 2009 – gay Pride in Chiang Mai. What was meant to be a day of happiness and celebration was destroyed by a mob of homophobic thugs. This article looks at how this has affected the life of gay people in Chiang Mai in the years thereafter.

February 21, End violence against LGBT.

February 21 is a day to remember past violence against Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender people and to campaign to prevent violence in future. It is four years ago today since one the most disgraceful homophobic events in Chiang Mai’s history when hundreds of thugs from the UDD Red Shirt supporters physically threatened the gay […]

Advance for Gay rights in Chiang Mai

The Administrative Court in Chiang Mai yesterday, reinstated rights of homosexual and transgender people, which the Court ruled had been incorrectly curtailed by the Chiang Mai municipality. The court action, brought by prominent gay activist Natee Teerarotchanapong, was in response to a regulation regarding the participants on parade floats involved in last year’s Loy Krathong […]

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