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Shan or Tai Yai New Year, celebrated on the new moon after Loy Khratong. Significant event for many bars in CHiang Mai as the working boys are mainly Shan.

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2014 – A year in Gay Chiang Mai

As we welcome in 2015, Chiang Mai Gay news takes a look at what’s happened in the last year. Enjoy our month by month reminder of the more significant happenings, changes and events in Gay Chiang Mai during 2014

Boys from the Shan State

Today is Shan New Year – Mai Soong Pee Mai Tai, as many of a our readers know many of the working boys in Chiang Mai are refugees from the Shan State. Indeed, some would say that the friendly Shan or Tai Yai boys are one of gay Chiang Mai’s best kept secrets. To celebrate the new year we have put together a photo gallery of your most favourite and sexy guys.

Pee Mai Tai 2106

Stupa at Wat Ku Tao

Mai Soong Pee Mai Tai – Happy Shan New Year! The Shan New year falls on the first day of the waxing moon, which this year is the 26th November. Festivities will commence at Wat Ku Tao today, 25th November and last for three days. in Chiang Mai the center of this years celebration is […]

News Round Up

A few minor news updates for you. We’ve been busy with the new Radchada Garden Café so our time for writing news articles is a little limited. Tonight is the monthly quiz night at Garden Bar, starts at 8p.m. prompt. Khun Mo is back from his holidays and seems to be lots of people in […]

Thai Puan – Nov/Dec Issue

Hot on the heels of Out-in-Thailand, and also available free in bars and gay venues, is the latest edition of Thai Puan, Thailand’s best gay community magazine published bi-monthly. This issue includes all about Phuket Pride, Rejuvenated for 2012 and beyond, with an article about Koh Samui pride too. Plus all the regular news from […]

Mai Soong Pee Mai Tai

If one of your reasons for coming to Chiang Mai is to visit a Go-Go bar you would be well advised to avoid the period around the Shan, New Year. Nearly all the boys working in Chiang Mai’s bars are not Thai but refugees from nearby Burma (Myanmar), in particular from the Shan state, the […]

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