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Below you will find information about Coffee Boy karaoke and host with links to articles, photos and events tagged Coffee Boy

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Coffee Boy

Venue is karaoke Venue is host

This Venue has closed

Newly opened (Jan 2019) Karaoke Bar by the former owner of Chiang Mai 19 (next door). Bringing back the traditions of the old Coffee Boy

  • Coffee Boy
  • Night Bazaar Building, at Thapae Soi 1, night bazaar, chiang mai, Thailand
  • Style : gay owned/mixed
  • 18.78517398.9990758

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Coyote boys from Cher Club Chiang Mai

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1st January 2012 already seems a distant memory so, as we enter 2013, we thought we’d look back at some of the things that happened in gay Chiang Mai during 2012. The last year has seen significant changes in the demographics of the Chiang Mai gay scene, with the typical old fashioned foreign style gay […]

The Coffee Shack

As is often the case in Chiang Mai, things are never quite what they seem, and so it was with the re-opening of Chiang Mai gay legend Coffee Boy Following the surprising news that it was once again open, we went along to check it out. On arrival, with expectations of the restored splendour of […]

The Reincarnation of Coffee boy

August is almost the slowest month of the year in Chiang Mai and not much happens. Usually the only news is of this or that bar closing as they couldn’t make it through the rainy season, though so far this year it would be more aptly named as cloudy season. So imagine our surprise to […]

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Our first article in our occasional series “Whatever happened to….” seems to have struck a chord with many and we’ve had some interesting feedback, not to mention several pleasant evenings supping beer and discussing the good old days of Chiang Mai’s gay scene with friends. We already have enough material for several articles but before […]

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