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Venue is karaoke Venue is host

This Venue has closed

Probably the best known and oldest late night Karaoke club in Chiang Mai very dark very loud very Thai and unbeatable fun! This is the favourite late night hang out for the BonTong boys.

  • Relax
  • Chiang Mai Lamphun Road (Superhighway) Kwhangsing Chang Puek, chang puek, chiang mai, Thailand
  • Style : gay
  • 18.81137798.98246

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2014 – A year in Gay Chiang Mai

As we welcome in 2015, Chiang Mai Gay news takes a look at what’s happened in the last year. Enjoy our month by month reminder of the more significant happenings, changes and events in Gay Chiang Mai during 2014

Free Guy Club and Relax

Popular go-go and host bar Free guy had been closed for a few weeks refurbishment. The grand re-opening will be on 31 October 2014. Meanwhile, an old favourite, the Relax gay karaoke and host bar has also re-opened after a makeover and change of management.

Gay Guide Updates – April 2014

Moving, Closing, Reopening and Refurbishment Quite a few recent updates to our Gay Guide to Chiang Mai in recent days and weeks. Here is a summary Moved: Secrets Bar and CU Bar Effective 1 April 2014 Secrets Bar and CU Bar have moved to a new location on the moat. Read More: Night Bazaar – […]

Late night fun refurbished

The Late Night Scene is where Gay is happening in Chiangmai Whilst for many gay foreigners visiting and living in Chiang Mai, the gay scene revolves around the usual few western orientated bars and restaurants, there is a much bigger Thai late night scene with which few foreigners seem to engage. These are the real […]

Chiang Mai and Gay Sex – Part 2

Sexy Shan Boys

Commercial Gay Scene – Go-Go Bars, Karaoke and Massage With high season kicking in this week in Chiang Mai, and Loy krthong only days away, this is part two of our series about where to find gay sex in Chiang Mai, and what to expect if you are a first time visitor here. This part […]

Bar News

Where have all the tourists gone? That is the question many are asking themselves, especially down at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar in the row of outdoor beer bars known locally as “sleaze alley”, due to the area’s past reputation for it’s freelance underage street kid hustlers, drugs and frequent gang fights. We popped in recently […]

Relax – The most fun bar in Chiang Mai?

Relax is the dark side of Chiang Mai at it’s best. A late night Karaoke may not be everyone’s favourite choice of where to go, and not for those of a weak disposition, but if you are young, or young at heart, and are still up for loud music and partying until dawn it doesn’t […]

More Site Updates

A few more updates to the site. The disco and late night page has been changed to give more information about Chiang Mai’s Gay Karaoke bars with entries added for two of the better ones – Barocco and Relax. More can be found on our gay map. The bar page has been brought up to […]

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