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The Akha are a hill tribe ethnic group from Northern Thailand, Burma and Laos. Many boys who hung around at the old night bazaar bars were Akha.

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David Crisp – Six Years Ago

David Crisp

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the senseless murder of our friend and neighbour David Crisp at his home here. A musician and teacher originally from the UK David had retired to live in Chiang Mai and was well known around the gay scene.

Paedophile’s Dirty Laundry

On 8 January Thai Police Region 5 held a Press Conference announcing the arrest of a pimp allegedly supplying young boys to foreign gay paedophiles in Chiang Mai. This followed the arrest last September of a US citizen.

Survival sex: Child Sexual Abuse in Chiang Mai Gay Venues

Survival sex refers to a type of prostitution that goes beyond simply trying to earn a living. Throughout the world, regardless of the north/south divide, there are women and men who are forced to prostitute themselves as a matter of course: their very survival depends upon it. In this You-Tube video, Steve Sandford, a professorial […]

Travel Warning – Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

I want to ask my friends to be very careful now in Chiang Mai. From reports I heard that the notorious “Sleaze Alley” at the Night Bazzar has become very dangerous with many young hill tribe boys on drugs hanging about there. “Sleaze Alley” is the small soi of run down beer bars off Thapae […]

The dangers of living in Chiang Mai

Sometimes you read a story which reminds you that Chiang Mai, or the Rose of the North is not quite the Paradise you believed it was. In this case villans and bad luck seem to have struck for our friends at Thai Eyes. Apparently their house was attacked in the early morning hours, they were […]

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