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Articles Tagged: Sarcasm

Sometimes we use a certain type of humour to get the point across.

Here are articles on this website tagged with: Sarcasm

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Latest Articles

Shan Boys and Trafficking

Trafficking is an emotive subject with many facets and implications. Sometimes, certain aspects of the issue are mis-represented by those purporting to do good, but operating with hidden agendas. This article provides photographic evidence of how some Shan Boys have been trafficked and exploited in Chiang Mai

Gay Guide Updates in 2014

With too many businesses chasing an ever smaller market as gay moves into the mainstream, the gay scene in Chiang Mai is always changing. There is a high turnover in businesses open and closing here and 2014 has been no exception. In this article we take a slightly bitchy look at the comings and goings of gay businesses in 2014.

Finding Cock in Chiang Mai

Guide to the best Cocks in Chiang Mai We know this is always a popular question among gay men and one all gay visitors to Chiang Mai want to know the answer to. So we thought it was time to let our readers into a secret that is known only to savvy Chiang Mai residents. […]

Witless at the Garden Bar!

Space Odyssey in Chiang Mai

Following our recent Space Odyssey it seems there have been developments down at the local Space Academy. Further to our intrepid Space Cadet’s promotion to Major the following exchange was recently overheard:   This is Ground Control to Major Wit You’ve really made the grade And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear […]

Mentally Challenging!

Wit Bartender - Garden bar

If you want to be mentally challenged get along to the Garden Bar tonight before 8 p.m. for the May quiz night. Special categories this month are Space exploration and US landmarks. Mentally challenging is also the theme of the new cabaret show, aptly named the “Check Bin Show” which also seems to have connections […]


Garden bar

Yesterday saw one of the most earth shattering events to hit Chiang Mai’s Gay scene in a very long time. An event many long timers here never thought they’d get to see, even with mumblings of a gay protest movement being started to campaign about this issue, none believed such a momentous event would ever […]

Circumcision – new HIV prevention initative

The local centre for disease control today announced new measures for reducing the incidence of HIV infection in male sex workers. Within 6 months all male sex workers must undergo mandatory circumcision as studies have now shown this greatly reduces the chances of HIV transmission during sex. All workers currently employed in go-go bars, massage […]

Free Guy Club – Same Same but different

The temperature has risen, the pollution is coming, school’s out for summer and everyone seems to have left town. Everywhere the same this week, lonely venue owners, propping up their own bar’s and crying in their beer 😉 Not helped by Chiang Mai having been visited by some of Bangkok’s finest, doing the annual rounds […]

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