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Chiang Mai Riviera

Pattaya has Jomtien Beach, Phuket has Patong Beach (plus many more), but as the temperature rises in the landlocked province of Chiang Mai, where can overheated residents go to cool down and relax. The answer Chiang Mai’s Riviera – Huai Tung Thao Reservoir, located at the foot of mountain and forest land a few klicks north of the city.

View Huai Tung Thao Reservoir in a larger map

Huai Tung Thao is located of the Canal Road a few Km North of the 700 year stadium. Admission is 20Bt (No surcharge for foreigners). This large lake is a popular destination to escape the city for a few hours relaxation and swimming. All around the water’s edge is a small beach with many entrepreneurs having set up restaurants offering covering seating areas or small Cabanas. It’s very Thai, sitting on the floor around small tables; don’t expect proper tables and chairs or silver service here. It’s also great fun!

Huai Tung Thao Lake
Huai Tung Thao Lake

Recently some of the boys from Radchada Garden Café teamed up with the boys from neighbouring restaurant Nae Nae for an afternoon of fun at lake. Bottles of beer, free flowing 100 Pipers and some good food made for elevated spirits, easily cooled by a quick splash in the water. To the delight of the farang sponsors it was quite inexpensive too! One of the delicacies here is the “Dancing Shrimp”, very small live shrimps served in a covered bowl with plenty of chilli. As soon as the lid is removed they come flying out – catch them and eat live! Delicious!

Fun at Huai Tung Thao Drinking at Huai Tung Thao
Nae nae boys enjoying Huai Tung Thao

The best way to enjoy Huai Tung Thao is to find a few fun loving Thai Guys to go along with you. A great day out from lunch time until sun set; the restaurants shut up shop as it starts to get dark. Most places have a full menu of Thai food, but you won’t find McDonalds or Starbucks here and the food is real Thai (spicy). The water is very clean and great for swimming. In hot season it’s the perfect temperature too. Some of the restaurants rent old inner tubes you can use as a flotation ring and just drift around if you are too lazy to swim.

Eating at Huai Tung Thao Chiang Mai Beach
Sitting on the floor eating from low tables and the beach at Huai Tung Thao

And with lot’s of handsome Thai guys running around shirtless it’s a great place for those who like to people watch.

 Radchada Gay Boys  Huai Tung Thao Restuarant
Cute guys from Radchada and Nae Nae enjoy Huai Tung Thao
Fun at Huai Tung Thao
End of a great afternoon's fun with the boys at Huai Tung Thao

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