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Cool wind of change

Yes, that refreshing breeze which is the portent of cool season arrived with Halloween. Whilst, parts of Thailand is still experiencing serious flooding, and hurricanes are rampaging around the Caribbean, November has seen the season break in Chiang Mai. After some late rains in October, the high pressure from China has finally pushed the clouds away and lowered temperatures with a gentle wind to add to the comfort factor.

Over the last week we’ve seen clear blue skies with average daytime temperatures around 27 Degrees C falling to an average of 16 at night. The coolest was 15 degrees which has seen Thais reaching for the puffa jackets and the traditional greeting changing from “Gin Kaau ru yaang?” to “Ngaao Mai?”

Many business owners in Chiang Mai are desperately hoping that the changing weather will also bring about a change in their fortunes after one of the worst low seasons in recent memory. With the political upheaval still going on in Thailand, and the worlds economic woes effecting people’s vacation plans, coupled with the ever strengthening Baht, has lead many to worry there may not be much of a high season this year.

If you are still planning a winter vacation don’t be put off. November through February is wonderful in Chiang Mai and now is the time to strike some real bargains for accommodation. Even luxury five star hotels are offering great deals that are hard to resist.

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