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Chiang Mai Gay history and articles about what became of past places and personalities.

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Whatever Happened Too……….. Can you help?

Adams Apple Show

Our first article in our occasional series “Whatever happened to….” seems to have struck a chord with many and we’ve had some interesting feedback, not to mention several pleasant evenings supping beer and discussing the good old days of Chiang Mai’s gay scene with friends. We already have enough material for several articles but before […]

Whatever Happened to….. Part 1 Update

Beem - Cute Chiang Mai Gay Boy

Following yesterday’s article about some of Chiang Mai’s defunct gay bars we did a little digging in the Bon Tong archives and look what we came up with: Yep, one of our all time favorites Mr Beem together with his friend, the very delectable Mr Eak. Happy memories from Bar 66 (Free Guy2) back in […]

Whatever Happened to…….. Part 1

After doing a few site updates we noticed how long the list of closed venues is getting, so we thought it would be fun to do an article taking a light hearted look at whatever happened to some of the old places and personalities from Chiang Mai’s gay scene of yesteryear. It quickly became apparent […]

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