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More Site Updates

A few more updates to the site. The disco and late night page has been changed to give more information about Chiang Mai’s Gay Karaoke bars with entries added for two of the better ones – Barocco and Relax. More can be found on our gay map.

The bar page has been brought up to date with several minor changes.  The biggest news is that Cream Bar, one of the longest running of the night bazzar Sleaze Alley bars, has closed down.  It’s rumoured to have been sold and will be renovated prior to a high season re-opening.

We believed the owner sold the bar for financial reasons, but it has also been rumoured the powers that be want to move all these bars from the night bazaar down to Chiang Mai Land and are asserting pressure accordingly.  Of course, that story has been circulating for years in Chiang Mai (primarily related to the lady bars on Loy Kroh Road).  Who knows if it’s got any substance this time.  And talking of Chiang Mai Land, the old His Club karaoke has recently re-opened as the “Sofa Club”.

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