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Powerboys Update

We are pleased to report Powerboys is really open again under completely new management and, we understand, now a completely separate business from the Lavender Lanna Hotel where it is located in the basement.  They seem to be more interested in targetting Thai customers, though several Farangs have reported good things about it.

Powerboys has a brand new show with quite a few ladyboy numbers and some mixed ladyboy/ man cabaret dance routines.  The cabaret is intermixed with Go-Go style dancing with six or eight boys wearing speeos on stage, and three or for more on podiums around the venue.  They also have a couple of sexy routines where a couple of the boys get nude, however there is no full frontal stuff or dick shown at any time.

Drinks start at 200 Baht  and apparently it’s open later than the other Go-Gos in town though we haven’t verified that.   Appears to have about fifteen available boys and we’ve heard the new format is attracting quite a few customers so you won’t be lonely.

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