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Thadingyut – a few pictures

We’ve never been able to resist an excuse to post pictures of handsome Tai Yai males on this site and last weekend’s celebrations for the end of Bhuddist lent gave us just such an opportunity!

The event is a major festival in the Shan State and throughout Burma known as  known as Thadingyut in Burmese. So to honour the occasion the Bon Tong boys all headed of to Chiang Mai’s bastion of Shan culture Wat Ku Tao. The Temple and grounds were packed with festival goers and merit makers with a real party spirit.

Traditional Tai Yai entertainment at Wat Ku Tao

Proceedings included a candlelit procession escorting senior monks to open proceedings, followed by a range of entertainments on the main stage including displays of the famous Shan Peacock dance. Side stalls provided opportunities for singing, dancing and eating as well as fun stalls and many selling Shan merchandise. The background of the Shan temple drums and cymbals contributed to the mystic atmosphere of the event.

Bon Tong boys getting in party mood.

May I have a beer please?

Brotherly Love

One too many there Mr T?

Of course, in good Bhuddist tradition no alcohol is allowed in the temple, but this was the end of lent and, well let’s say all the little shops and Tai Yai restaurants in the side streets were doing a roaring trade.

And the place was packed full with the cutest selection of boys on the planet – all just having fun!

For those who are wondering what this has to do with Gay Chiang Mai please remember that a large percentage of the staff in Chiang Mai’s commercial gay bars are refugees from the Shan State. Most have a very hard life here in Thailand and we try to remember that and do what we can to raise awareness of their plight.

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