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March issue of Out in Thailand

Despite some skepticism that another new hardcopy “where to get laid” magazine could survive in Thailand, it seems Out-in-Thailand has made it through to it’s third edition published 1 March.

Out in Thailand March cover from
Out in Thailand
March 2011 edition was apparently resurrected from the ashes of the old Spice magazine and is published by a small team of Farangs here in Chiang Mai. They claimed it was going to be new and refreshing which to some extent it has been. In our opinion it’s certainly better laid out and presented than Spice ever was. There is more breadth and depth to the articles too. This months edition includes an interview with Thai movie hero Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the start of a “101 Essential Gay Movies series” and an interview with Chiang Mai’s flamboyant, or some might say infamous, Dirk Weeber.

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