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New, New My Way!

The New My Way go-go/host bar should now be called the New, New My Way bar after the second re-vamp in the last year or so. In a one day shut down they executed a complete re-model of the venue and very successful it is too.

Effectively they’ve turned the whole layout through 180 degrees with the stage now at the front of the building. Entry is by the same door with a short passage leading around the side of the stage. The bar is in the rear right corner (Straight ahead as you enter) and the seating, consisting of comfortable sofas, is on two levels with higher seating on the old stage at the rear. The performers descend to the stage via stairs from the upper level which is also used for some of the acts. An excellent improvement all round.

The show hasn’t changed much, still the same blend of scenes with guys getting naked complimented by, in our opinion, a few too many “chicks with dicks in dirty frocks” doing their sequinned lip sync shows.

Some of what you can expect at the New My Way 🙂

For more information got to New My Way

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