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Relax – The most fun bar in Chiang Mai?

Relax is the dark side of Chiang Mai at it’s best. A late night Karaoke may not be everyone’s favourite choice of where to go, and not for those of a weak disposition, but if you are young, or young at heart, and are still up for loud music and partying until dawn it doesn’t get much better in Chiang Mai.

Relax is located on the Superhighway just west of the Khwangsing intersection with Chottana Road in Chang Puek district. Heading out of town, turn left at Khwangsing and Relax is about 200M on your left, after the computer center and before Siam Rad hospital. You can spot it from the many motorbikes parked on the sidewalk and the large potted trees that conceal the entrance. On entering, you’ll need a moment to adjust to the light, or rather lack of it! The decor is simple; everything is painted black and bathed in UV light.

The venue is compact, with small tables and stools, or there are a few big stools where you can sit at the bar if you prefer. Big video screens line the walls for the karaoke participants. Relax is very Thai, as is the drinks menu; a wine and cocktail bar it ain’t. Choices are either large bottles of beer or Whiskey and mixer sets and you are welcome to bring your own whiskey bottle if you don’t want to buy a whole one. Prices are normal bar prices and there are no extra charges for singing songs, boy drinks, or having the waiters sit with you. Thai food is also available.

So, you may be wondering why we like this place! Well, it’s the people that make any bar fun and Relax scores highly there. Firstly there is the large adorable group of handsome young men, smartly dressed in their uniform shirts, who work there and are always up for fun! Secondly, there is the friendly fun loving customers. A mixed bunch, a lot of the customers are bar boys who work at other bars and come here to relax after work, many are Tai Yai. Others are a very mixed selection of Thai gays and their friends of varying ages. The party doesn’t get started until around 1 a.m. and gets into full swing about 3 a.m. when the post Mandalay Crowd arrive. Karaoke always instills social interaction and, with the addition of alcohol, inhibitions are lowered and it’s easy to make new friends. The staff, some of whom are extremely cute, are also all available to go home with you.

With non extortionate prices and a fun crowd Relax has become very popular, indeed at weekends it can be hard to get a seat! Check it out and have fun.

For those of you already familiar with Relax please note it’s just undergone a complete makeover and is now looking resplendent with new glossy black paint. The furniture is all new with comfortable and trendy looking padded stools and chic tables replacing the old wooden furniture. Most importantly, there’s a great selection of new boys there now.

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