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Travel Warning – Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

I want to ask my friends to be very careful now in Chiang Mai. From reports I heard that the notorious “Sleaze Alley” at the Night Bazzar has become very dangerous with many young hill tribe boys on drugs hanging about there. “Sleaze Alley” is the small soi of run down beer bars off Thapae soi 1 behind the D2 Hotel and popular with elderly Farangs looking for young male companions. It’s renowned for being the “Cheap Charlie” hangout of Chiang Mai’s gay establishments.

Over recent weeks there have been many fight’s breaking out there and just last week a Farang was attacked and seriously injured, apparently by a Yabba crazed Akha boy. I worry it is not safe for Farang go there anymore.

Many who read this website may remember the old days when, certain “strong influences” dominated the area and exerted some control on the behavior of boys and visitors there; a few years ago these places were good fun. Now there are few customers and little money to be made, these influences have lost interest, and so it seems, have the forces of law and order. I haven’t seen for myself but hear many rumors that scenes of older Farangs behaving inappropriately with young boys are common place in the bathrooms. Most of the guys who hang around there are under the age of twenty (required by law to be drinking in that type of bar), and some are much younger! Many are hill tribe boys with no ID card, and some are long time substance abusers.

Sadly it seems, their is an increasing link between the night bazaar gangs and violent crimes committed against Farangs, only last month we reported on a recent attack at the house of a Farang living in Chiang Mai, which was allegedly committed by hill-tribe boys from Sleaze Alley. Also, we have not forgotten our dear friend David Crisp was murdered by boys whom he met there. With this latest assault on a Farang, and the general level of violence and disorder there we can only suggest to our friends that they avoid Sleaze Alley from now on.

I love Chiang Mai and don’t want to make bad comments about it. There are plenty of well run commercial gay venues in Chiang Mai which can provide great entertainment for you without running risks. Please see our gay guide for details. It is not worth putting yourself in danger to save a few baht on a cheap thrill.

Please take care.


  1. Matt says:

    I went to these bars regularly but things have changed. There are very few customers now and I’m not surprised to hear this. Every time I went recently there was a fight at the bar or out in the street. If I take a boy from Night BazaarI I go to short time hotel, I not want to risk them knowing where I was staying or stealing things in the hotel.

    In Chiang Mai most gogo boy bars are Burmese and have a work permit only for that gogo bar. If they do something crazy complain to the management. They will get fired and may get deported so they are much safer than the street hustlers.

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