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Dancing With The Devil

If you’ve not had the pleasure before, Dancing with the devil in the city of angels is a great gay Thailand blog. Uncompromising, well written and witty so we thought it was deserving of a plug – go check it out. It also has lots of coverage of Chiang Mai, as well as plenty of great photos of hot guys that are way raunchier than what we limit ourselves to here.

Last week there was a particularly good post about Chiang mai’s Sunday Walking Street market showing the blog has a lot more to offer than just flesh! Indeed, it contains some great pictures and stories of monks and temples too as this post shows Some of Chiang Mai’s other tourist distractions are also given a cynically sarcastic review such as this post about handicraft and gem factories. If you want to see more Chiang Mai articles they are all tagged and easy to find here. There’s even articles about Lamphun.

When you live somewhere for several years it’s easy to forget what it was like when visiting as a tourist and this blog gives an excellent perspective for the visitor. Thoroughly recommended!

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