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Mentally Challenging!

If you want to be mentally challenged get along to the Garden Bar tonight before 8 p.m. for the May quiz night. Special categories this month are Space exploration and US landmarks.

Mentally challenging is also the theme of the new cabaret show, aptly named the “Check Bin Show” which also seems to have connections to space exploration.

For two weeks now customers have enjoyed a mixture of amusement and bemusement as the staff alternately struggled with the controls of their spacecraft, also known to the non astronauts among us as a calculator, which they battled bravely to master the intricacies of adding 10% service charge and 7% VAT to the price of drinks.

Sadly the rigours of learning about astrophysics seem to have been too much for one of them who bailed out for less numerically challenging tasks leaving Space Cadet Wit in full command.

Wit Bartender - Garden bar
Wit, Bartender at the Garden Bar

Confidentially, we got an exclusive sneak preview of this month’s quiz questions and have to say that one of the difficult questions is so hard we thought we’d give you all a little hint so you can try and prepare, knowing that it’s almost impossible you’ll get it right. That most difficult question: “How much is a beer at the Garden Bar?” And don’t even think about cheating and asking the Bar Staff, it’s not like they’d know! Though they may surprise you when it comes to their knowledge of space exploration.

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