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Chiang Mai Gay Guide Updates

In the interests of keeping our Gay Guide to Chiang Mai up to date and reflecting the changing fads in the local gay scene we have started a series of changes and improvements to our gay guides. The first of these are now in place.

In recent years we have noticed an increasing trend among gay ex-pats to socialise in a more varied selection of both gay and mixed venues. Particularly those with an emphasis on food, rather than just a traditional “gay bar”. This underlines both the massive changes taking place in Chiang Mai with the increase in nightlife and entertainment choices, along with changes in the demographics of the gay ex-pat community. Also, the fact that, compared with a few years ago, far fewer gay Thais are venturing into Farang oriented “gay bars” for fear of being labelled prostitutes. This has diminished the popularity of such places, and led to more polarization in the gay scene between bars and restaurants that are social hangouts, and those where money boys are available for sex.

To reflect this change, and the growing trend of massage shops to have bars attached, we have split our Bar guide into two. The original bar guide is now titled Bars & Restaurants and primarily includes venues that serve food. We have created a separate page called Go-Go and Host Bars, for Go-Go bars, beer bars with freelancers or hosts, Gay Karaoke bars with hosts and the bars at massage shops. In short, the gay for pay scene. We hope this will make it easier for our readers to find the type of venue they are looking for.

We have now added some more Chiang Mai Gay businesses to our Businesses page in the guide. With all the new varied venues around the Nimmanhaeminda Road and Santitham district we also plan to add more sections on recommended straight venues that attract a mixed crowd or will be of interest to gay people. We have already initiated a series of articles on such places, a couple of recent topics include: B2 Hotels and Coffee in Santitham. More will be coming soon.

We have set up a new update page on this site where you can fill in details of any venue, both gay and of interest to gays. To make a submission click here

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