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Gay Chiang Mai Update

Chiang Mai – Gay is go for high season

Chiang Mai is now reaping the benefits of last week’s un-seasonal heavy rain storms, which have cleared the air and washed out the start of the burning season. Beautiful clear air, blue skies, warm days and refreshing evenings have made this a perfect week.

This year, Chiang Mai has been packed for high season. There seem to be people everywhere and many businesses are doing brisk trade. This will peak at the weekend with many tourists in town for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Moreover, the major Chinese film “Lost in Thailand”, which opened in December, has sparked massive interest in the region. Filmed around Chiang Mai, the TAT Chiang Mai office say the film is credited with trebling the number of Chinese visitors to Chiang Mai at the end of last year.

For more of what to do in Chiang Mai for the Chinese New year see this article on Chiang Mai City News. Soho bar is also arranging some Chinese New Year festivities – see the details on our event calendar here

Party at CU BarIn the last week the Night Bazaar area has seen two major parties. Last night CU bar held its one year anniversary party for their new location. Meanwhile Secrets Bar had their celebration last Friday. Both were packed and we hear reports that a great time was had by all. This Sunday is RAM Bar’s turn with their first anniversary party, you can check out the details here.


In Chang Puek the Garden Bar has been particularly crowded the last few weeks with a great mix of Ex-pats and visitors staying at the adjacent Lotus Hotel or other guest houses in the gay Santitham district. Sometimes it’s been standing room only around the bar and a great atmosphere. As well as those who eat at the Garden Bar’s restaurant with its popular Lebanese food, many more pop in for a drink before or after dinner at the Spirit House which has also been busy.

Boys at Adam's AppleMost popular of all has been Chiang Mai’s legendary Go-Go bar Adam’s Apple Club, across the road from the Garden Bar. This year has almost been like old times with the bar packed every night, a great show and a splendid selection of really handsome performers. Adam’s Apple has certainly established itself as the premier Go-Go and host bar in Chiang Mai with not only Farang customers but also many Thais and visitors from other Asian countries too. With Staff names including Mr Nice and Mr Bad there’s something for everone.

Sabbai Dee Santitham with great Thai Food and Radchada Garden Cafe with it’s popular Pizza are good places to eat.

There’s still a few weeks of high season left before the temperatures rise in March so right now is an excellent time to come and enjoy Gay Chiang Mai.

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