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Gay Sonkran

With only a day or less to go before the onset of Songkran here’s an update on the gay things to do for Songkran in Chiang Mai.

With TAT forecasting a 10% increase on last year over 300,000 visitors are expected to visit Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand over the Songkran festival with hotel occupancy rates running at around 70%. Even despite the fact half the gay ex-pats seem to have left town there should be plenty of people around having fun.

Radchada Garden Café will be kicking off Songkran on 12th April with a pre Songkran party in the evening starting at 8 p.m. (N.B. after the party Radchada will be closed for the rest of Songkran)

Teak wood House in Chiang Mai

Club One SevenDown on the river in their beautiful antique teakwood mansion, Club One Seven Sauna and Guest house will be having a pool party each evening from 13-15 April 4.30p.m until 6.30p.m including free food and drinks. Theme is swimsuit or naked! As always, the Sauna Steam room and gym will be open until midnight. With so many tourists in town this is a great place to go and meet new friends.

Also down by the River, RAM bar is a great place to go and enjoy Songkran and they will open specially from 12 noon to 12 midnight on each of the 13, 14 and 15 April. If you’ve not been to RAM bar they are a great fun loving bunch of guys who will be sure to throw a good party.

Just off the moat near Thapae gate, Yokka Dok bar is a good place to retreat from the crowds around the moat yet still enjoy the fun. They are also having a Songkran Hawaii Night party on Saturday 13 April starting at 8 p.m.

Yokka Dok Songkran Hawaii Night

Soho bar already kicked off Songkran season last Saturday with their Mr Songkran 2013 swimsuit competition. You can check out the pictures on City Now – many a sight for sore eyes there. With a location a mere 100m from the main stage events at Kad Suan Kaew, Soho bar has always been a popular Songkran location and this year should be no exception with all day parties and revelry.

Just remember that both Soho and Yokka Dok locations will be hard to drive to during the day as the traffic is often gridlocked with zero parking and Huay Kaew Road is closed. Better to walk or use public transport if possible.

In previous years, there was often quite a gay contingent outside Lucky bar on the moat near Loi Kroh Road. However, given this was always an informal gathering and that there is an alcohol ban around the moat that may not be the case this year.

Evenings at Songkran are often an anti-climax with many people favouring a quiet dinner rather than a boisterous party after a day of water sport. However, Adam’s Apple Club is always popular with people going to see the show and maybe having a drink in the Garden Bar before.

Foam Party at See Man Pub

See Man Pub is also planning night time fun with foam parties on 13-15 April. Other hot activities at See Man Pub are:

If you’re feeling hungry and want a respite from the water on Sunday don’t forget they do a great Sunday Roast at the Pub on Huay Kaew Road and it’s not too far to walk from the action.

The Wall Massage Songkran PromotionOr, if you want to escape for a massage try the special songkran promotion at The Wall Massage

Whilst others are leading the party charge, some places will be closed over Songkran. Radchada Garden Café in Santitham is also closed over Songkran 13-17 April.

Don’t forget, Songkran includes a host of official events too. Check out this guide on Chiang Mai City News for the full list and some other ideas about where to party.

Whatever you do have a HAPPY SONGKRAN and stay safe.

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