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Chiang Mai’s most successful gay businesses have flourished because they understand how to attract customers. In this modern age of technology a strong web presence is vital to any gay business. Moreover, it is not just a good website alone that matters, but how it is marketed and advertised in relevant places across the internet

Advertise on - Chiang Mai Gay NewsAdvertise on Chiang Mai Gay Guide and are the two most popular English language websites about gay Chiang Mai and usually the first choices of potential visitors searching for information about the gay scene in Chiang Mai. With thousands of new visitors every month, they are the perfect channel to promote your gay business in Chiang Mai and attract new customers. This is why Chiang Mai’s best known and most successful businesses advertise here:

Advertising on-line not only has lower monthly costs than the typical print media but it gives much better targeting of an audience specifically looking for information about gay Chiang Mai. Advertising in free gay magazines, businesses will only reach a few customers, who have typically already arrived in a Chiang Mai gay venue to pick up a copy.

On-line advertising allows you to directly locate customers who are trying to find information about gay Chiang Mai in an early stage of their decision process about coming here, where to stay and what to do. Moreover, they will likely visit our website on smart phones and tablets whilst in the city to get updates on the locations of various places.

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