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Boys from the Shan State

Mai Soong Pee Mai Tai

Today is Shan New Year, as some of a our readers know many of the working boys in Chiang Mai are refugees from the Shan State. Indeed, some would say that the friendly and handsome Shan or Tai Yai boys are one of gay Chiang Mai’s best kept secrets.

To celebrate the New Year we’ve put together a compilation of random photos of some of our Shan boy friends, past and present whom many have know and loved. Click on any picture to see the slideshow.

If you want to celebrate Shan New Year check out the new year celebrations in our events calendar.

Sadly many visitors to Chiang Mai often see Tai Yai and other hill tribe guys as objects to be used for sexual gratification, and never bother to find out about the human being inside. The Shan are lovely people, and most have not been lucky in life. Many of those living in Chiang Mai arrived illegally and exist as an underclass in the grey economy. Whilst back in Burma their families face persecution and worse from the regime there. Please afford them the respect they deserve.

This week the Irrawaddy published an interesting article investigating The Life of Burmese Male Sex Workers in Chiang Mai which tells some of their story.

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