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Chiang Mai – Coups, Soldiers and Parties

Coup Situation Update

It has now been a week since the Thai Military took control of the government and, much to the relief of many gay businesses, the curfew restrictions have been relaxed but not yet removed. After six days of a 10 p.m. curfew, last night this was changed with the new curfew hours now 00.01 a.m. until 4 a.m. allowing bars and restaurants to operate almost normally. Please be aware however, that the curfew is now being enforced more thoroughly than in the first couple of days. If you are going out do make sure you are back in your residence and off the streets by midnight.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Otherwise life continues with little change here in Chiang Mai although there do seem to be fewer people around and mercifully less traffic. The weather has continued to be very hot with above average temperatures (high thirties), but there have been several short summer storms providing some cooling relief. Strong winds accompanying the storms have caused some local damage but no major problems.

Soldiers continue to man checkpoints at a few strategic locations around town but there presence is not overbearing. There has not been any repeat of the small scale demonstrations seen around the moat at the start of the Coup and all is quite tranquil. Moreover, the young soldiers not only make us feel more secure but provide some great Khaki eye candy to brighten the day.

Transport is all functioning normally as are phones and the internet, though the later appears to have been slower than usual at times, especially late afternoon. Perhaps this is due to the large number of people posting cute solder boy pictures on social media 🙂 . Facebook was down for a period yesterday afternoon almost causing mass hysteria around Chiang Mai, especially among those faced with the prospect of having to do some work instead. But, it appears to have been due to technical issues rather than it being blocked. However, the military have warned that Facebook and other social media maybe blocked if they are used inappropriately.

Adam’s Apple Boys

Rather than pictures of soldiers here are some of the boys from Chiang Mai’s best known gay Bar: Adam’s Apple club to tell you about the revised opening times. Rumour has it they are quite eager to meet people after the rather quiet last week; why not pop along and meet them for yourselves?

Gay Chiang Mai - Adam's Apple Club - Boys Curfew hours


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