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Free Guy Club and Relax

Free Guy Club gets a makeover

Free Guy Club, one of Chiang Mai’s more off the wall go-go bars, has been closed for a few weeks refurbishment and makeover. Free Guy will re-open again on 31 October 2014. We’ve got a sneak preview of the new bar design which looks to be a smart and innovative change. The dancing poles for the go-go boys and the new seating arrangements look like they might create some interesting scenarios.

free guy club makeover - Chiang Mai
The new Free Guy Club.

Free Guy has always been a fun bar, slightly less serious than some of the others and with an interesting selection of boy next door type guys ranging from the super cute to something for those who like it rough. And of course, Free Guys biggest boast no lady-boys! Along with the re-opening will be some new promotions.

Free Giuy Beer PromoFree Guy Club Whiskey Promo

The New Relax Karaoke

Whilst Free Guy has been undergoing a makeover, some of the boys have got involved with the new Relax Karaoke which is now under new management and has also had a visit from the interior designers. Relax is Chiang Mai’s longest established gay Karaoke and has long been a stalwart of the late night scene as this article from 2011 : Relax – The most fun bar in Chiang Mai? describes.

relax karaoke boys
The Boys at Relax Karaoke

new relax gay karaoke in Chiang Mai
Welcome to the new Relax Karaoke in Chiang Mai

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