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Award Winning Websites

Bon Tong Productions – Chiang Mai Gay Award Winner

Bon Tong Productions, the designers of this website, have won yet another award having been voted best Business/other organisation in Chiang Mai by readers of Nout-in-Thailand magazine. Bon Tong productions are the leaders in gay website design and graphic design in Thailand. Based in Chiang Mai, several of Bon Tong Production’s website customers have also won awards proving the value of a good website and online marketing.

Web Site Designers - Bon Tong Production Logo

To see the full awards you can pick up a free copy of the magazine at Radchada Garden Café and other gay venues mentioned below. We would like to congratulate our clients’ for their award winning success:

Club One Seven Chiang Mai

Best Chiang Mai LGBT Accommodation

Located on the banks of the Ping River, Club One Seven’s beautiful 135 year old Lanna style teakwood mansion is perfect for a relaxing vacation in a gay environment. As well as the traditional design, peaceful riverside terrace and friendly staff, visitors also benefit from the popular gay sauna in the same compound. Part of the Club one Seven group, the Club One Seven guest house in Phuket won an award too.

Club One Seven Website - Gay Sauna and Guesthouse in Chiang Mai


Best Chiang Mai LGBT Bar & Pub

Ram Bar is Chiang Mai’s friendliest gay bar and well deserving of winning this award category. Khun Wat and his team of handsome guys are very welcoming of both one time visitors and regular ex-pats alike. A must visit in the Chiang Mai gay bar scene.

ram bar - chiang Mai's friendliest gay bar - website

Adam’s Apple Club

Best Chiang Mai Male Go-Go Club and Host bar

Some call Adam’s Apple Club the best go-go bar in Thailand, and it has spent more than twenty years establishing it’s reputation as Chiang Mai’s best known club, with a raunchy show and many handsome dancers. With western management it is also the smartest and most modern club with a full understanding of what foreign visitors are looking for. Adam’s Apple Club has won this award four years in a row; they must be doing something right.

Chiang Mai gay scene's best known gay bar, go-go club and male entertainment: Adam's Apple Club. - Website Screenshot

Radchada Garden Café

Best Chiang Mai Restaurant and Cafe

Khun Note at Radchada Garden Café is delighted to have won this award for the second year in a row. He told us, “given the number of other gay restaurants promoted in that magazine, we are very honoured to have won this award yet again”. He went on, “It shows that the gay community in Chiang Mai really enjoy the good food and great hospitality offered by the boys here at Radchada, and we are so pleased to stand out above the competition”. I thank the many, many people who have voted for us again and look forward to seeing you all at Radchada sometime soon.”

Set in a beautiful teakwood palace surrounded by lush tropical gardens in a peaceful part of Santitham close to other gay bars and accommodation, Radchada is a fabulous place to relax and enjoy a meal, snack or a drink during the day or evening.

Radchada was also runner up for the best “Bar and Pub” award.

New Website Design for Radchada Garden Café

Other Gay Award Winners in Chiang Mai

Our congratulations also go to House of Male Gay Sauna, who once again won the award for Chiang Mai’s best Sauna. On the late night scene our friends in Chang Puek at G-Star Vintage and Relax Karaoke were both winners.

2014 – Another successful year

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Successes

Our websites continue to do very well when searching the web for terms like “gay Chiang Mai”. At the last check we had six different websites in the top 11 for this category. If you have a business, you probably receive many spam emails from companies claiming they can get you top positions in search and offering “magic” solutions. In reality, there is no quick fix, the only solution is properly designed websites and engaging content that people want to read. It is using this philosophy without any tricks or black magic, that Bon Tong Productions has been so successful with SEO.

Increased website popularity

Over the course of 2014 our combination of gay websites received approximately a quarter of a million visitors. After launching the redesign in May 2014 Chiang Mai Gay News has continued to go from strength to strength as year on year we have seen a 16% increase in visitor numbers. Some of our sites have done even better and all are reporting strong and increasing website traffic figures.

Other Website Projects

Other gay website designs we produced in 2014 include a new website for Secrets Bar

Secrets gay Bar Chiang Mai - New Website

And the fun project Your Gay Website

Your Gay Website Logo - Gay website Design

Promote you gay business on-line

If you have a gay business, work with Bon Tong productions to promote it online. We can help in several ways.

Web Site and Graphic Design

Bon Tong Productions provide professional website design services delivering smart looking websites designed to capture your customers attention and promote your business. They can also provide graphic design services, e.g. for posters, logos, brochures, signs and menus. Visit their website

SEO and Social Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a crucial aspect of marketing any website, to make sure you can be found on the internet. Bon Tong Productions provides services to help you optimise your website and maximise traffic from organic search and social networks such as Face Book

Online Advertising

Advertise with Bon Tong Productions to reach gay and LGBT customers in Chiang Mai via the internet’s two premier websites about gay Chiang Mai:

Advertise on - Chaing Mai Gay NewsAdvertise on Chiang Mai Gay Guide

Read our Advertising Guide for more information.

Follow Bon Tong Productions on Social Media

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