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Bar Scene Update February 2017

The latest news from Chiang Mai’s Gay Bars

As the cool season draws to a close we take a look at what has been quite a busy and changing season in Gay Chiang Mai’s bar scene during which Gay Soi 6 has established itself as pretty much the only game in town when it comes to gay nightlife in Chiang Mai.

de eva Pub - a gay bar in Chiang Mai - now closed
De Eva Pub – A non starter

After the demise of the long running Soho Bar at the start of the season, and the failure of the new De Eva Pub – (a thorough and smart revamp of the old Metro Bar downstairs from Adam’s Apple Club) to make any impression, there is not much left in the way of gay farang drinking bars in the Chang Puek district. However, the go-go bars and karaokes in this part of town are much unchanged and even the moribund Garden Bar at least now has a bartender who smiles and a brand new swimming pool. There is also a glimmer of hope behind the “Black Door” (see later) and the area still has some gay accommodation options such as that renowned institution the Lotus Hotel, now complete with aforementioned swimming pool. All we need now is for Mohamed to arrange some pool parties to breathe life into it; would be the perfect venue for a sexy swimwear contest :).

Gay Soi 6

Throughout the high season, gay soi 6 has been where its at with all the bars there and close by being consistently busy. Moreover, the latest news is there is another new bar just opened right on the Soi, bring the total in the area to siz gay venues.

Zanzibar – now there are six

Zanzibar banner - a Gay bar in Chiang Mai
Zanzibar is the latest addition to Chiang Mai’s gay Soi 6 and is located in a shop house on Charoen Prathet Road Soi 6, just across from Secrets Bar. This nicely refurbished venue wants to be a casual cosy bar open to everyone where you can relax, play pool, watch sport or just enjoy a drink and socialise.

Zanzibar gay Chiang mai - Outside view
Zanzibar – New Venue in Gay Soi 6
Zanzibar gay Chiang Mai - inside
Cool decoration and lighting inside Zanzibar on Gay Soi 6

Secrets Bar

Secrets bar has just celebrated its tenth anniversary and is the longest established bar having roots in the Night Bazaar going back to its original location on Thapae Soi 1. Secrets Bar has always been a popular place for the ex-pats crowd to meet up and join the cute guys playing pool. This year its popularity has further increased with the addition of air conditioning to the purpose built structure it moved into on gay soi 6 in 2015.

Secrets Gay Bar Chiang Mai - Playing Pool
Playing pool at Secrets Bar

Ram Bar

Ram Bar continues to prosper with its Cabaret Show being a big hit, both with the gay crowd and, increasingly with a more mixed audience which find the high energy drag performances irresistible. The bar is often packed solid for the show so if you plan on going it may be best to reserve a table Tel: 085 034 5607.

Cabaret Show at the friendly Ram Bar.

The show is every night except Sunday and runs from 10p.m. until 11.30p.m. with a brief interlude for you top up your drinks.

Kalare Bars: Orion and Pandee

Two more bars, Orion Bar and Pandee Bar can be found in the Kalare Night Bazaar complex at the top of Gay Soi 6. Both are friendly beer bars, Orion being the bigger of the two with a pool table. The Kalare complex is soon to be redeveloped and Orion Bar has already located new bigger premises right across soi 6 from their current location. Also in the night bazaar at the back of the old night bazaar building you will find Ozeed bar (Very close to Thapae Soi1) run by Mr Jeep.

Chiang Mai Gay Soi 6 - Bar location Map February 2017
Map of bar at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar and gay soi 6

The Chang Puek bars

Karaoke and Male go-go bars

The main news from Chang Puek is the successful conversion of Free Guy from go-go show bar to Karaoke bar with hosts. The new format is working extremely well and has become a popular late night hang out for those wanting a fun combination of booze, boys and song.

Free Guy Club - Gay host and karaoke bar in Chiang Mai
Fun times at Free Guy Club

At the three gay go-go and show bars, Circle Pub, New May Way and Adam’s Apple Club little has changed. Adam’s Apple, which is foreign owned and managed, remains the most popular with visitors. The others remain popular with Thai’s, particularly Circle Pub who specialise in more muscular Tai Yai gym boys.

Black Door

Whilst most gay drinking places in Chang Puek/Santitham have disappeared, one bar is attracting a gay clientele and recently seems to be particularly popular with former Soho Bar regulars. The Black Door is situated on Moracot Road, just off Santitham Road. It is quite close to the Traffic Circle and the New My way bar.

Black Door – Gay owned dive bar in Santitham Chiang Mai (Source: Black Door)

Black Door is gay owned, but unlike other bars is more popular with a mixed, much younger crowd including many from the digital nomad community. This gives the place an interesting and fun dynamic which is perhaps a sign of the times giving the general development of the gay scene in Chiang Mai.

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