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Free Guy Club – Gay Bar and Karaoke

Free Guy – Gay Chiang Mai’s rough diamond

Ask many ex-pats about the gay scene in Chiang Mai and they’ll tell you about gay soi 6 or perhaps Adam’s Apple Club. Often forgotten is one of Chiang Mai’s hidden gem, Free Guy Club. Fomerly a go-go bar, Free Guy has been around for more than twelve years and has reinvented itself over the last couple of years as a late night host and karaoke bar. In that time this old rough diamond, well stocked with tai yai masculinity, has established itself as a stalwart of the gay entertainment scene in Chiang Mai and is often packed with a fun loving crowd. Although the more erotic parts of the go-go show have long gone, those shirtless sexy shan guys are still dancing around the place to entertain you.

FreeGuy Gay Club Chiang Mai - Banner
FreeGuy Gay Club Chiang Mai

With cheaper prices than traditional gay go-go bars the club has become a very popular late night haunt for many LGBT Thais and their friends so the company can be mixed at times yet very LGBT friendly. Khun Ray, the owner and front man is a lovely friendly guy, always with an engaging smile. He speaks good english and will make you feel welcome even if you come alone. Though with plenty of cute and handsome young men from Thailand and Burma (Shan State) waiting to keep you company you probably won’t be alone for long.

Checkout the picture galleries below from some recent fun nights at Free Guy Club, including some of their beautiful male hosts and coyote dancers.

Sexy Coyote Boys

Click on any picture for slideshow and full size image.

Many friendly hosts

Free Guy has some great friendly hosts so there is bound to be at least one who takes your fancy. Ask Khun Ray to introduce you.

Free Guy Gay Club and Karaoke handsome host boys
Free Guy Club and Karaoke Bar has some very handsome host boys

Pole Dancing Coyote Stage

True to its heritage, Free Guy still has a stage for the coyote boys to dance on and entertain you. Its even equipped with a couple of poles for those extra gyratory moves

Finding Free Guy

The club is situated in a dead end cul-de-sac off Chang Puek Rd to the north of the old city from Chang Puek gate. Heading north on Chang Puek take the second left after the Mecure Hotel, immediately before reaching a small chedi on the opposite side of the road. The cul-de-sac is quite wide with ample parking in the middle. Free Guy Club is situated on the right hand side and has an outdoor covered garden style area. A daytime view inside the cul de sac is shown below from Google Street view

[Aside – Out hot tip: if passing in the daytime, the food shop on the left as you turn into the cul-de-sac has some of the best roast duck and red pork in Chiang Mai – give it a try]

If you are coming from Adam’s Apple Club, or the Lotus Hotel and Garden Bar Free Guy is a short walk. Walk out to the main road (chang Puek) and head towards the city. Turn left off the main road after 300M – it is the fourth turning after passing the traffic lights – watch out for the small chedi on the right.


Khun Ray has another bar two, the recently opened RayUp bar is located not so far away at Khamtieng and JJ market. You can read all about Ray Up in this article: RayUp Café and Bar

Ray Up bar and Cafe -
 Chiang Mai Thailand
Khun Ray at the opening party for RayUp

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