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Promoting Thailand as an LGBT+ Destination

Go Thai Be Free

go thai be free logo

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has commissioned a new video promoting Thailand as an LGBT+ destination with much to offer. This is accompanied with a brand new website: for their established GoThaiBeFree initiative

As stated on their website: “Go Thai. Be Free. – is the slogan that we feel sums up an LGBT+ vacation or holiday in Thailand. It says it all. There are options for every need, choice and taste. Thailand is much more than go-go bars, discos and parties. Free yourself and be who you are and explore culturally rich experiences across the country.”

The video provides lots of well photographed and seductively suggestive imagery off many attractions that Thailand has to offer tourists including enjoying nature and elephants as well as luxury hotels, resorts and city chic.

Rather than specifically promoting Chiang Mai, the website propones “Northern Thailand” as a destination. Whilst Chiang Mai features prominently, it is good to see emphasis on the whole region which offers stunning natural beauty and several nice quaint old towns.

Northern Thailand

It offers some diverse inspirations of what do do, some almost mandatory for visitors, like visiting the major temples. Then there’s the festivals with Chiang Mai described as the “end-all location” for Loy Kratong, “where the Loi Krathong festival coincides with the Northern Thailand Yi Peng Festival.” And, of course, Songkran. Or there’s the allure of the region’s other towns, such as Mae Hong Son: The end of the road and Wowed by Chiang Rai. Culinary delights are exposed too: Northern Thai cuisine and why you should get into it. For the romatic there is Favorite spots for lovebirds in Chiang Mai

Boys in Loykhratong parade
Loy Khratong Parade in Chiang Mai

Luxury Accommodation in Chiang Mai

The site makes strong emphasis of Chiang Mai,s luxury hotels and resorts including Four Seasons Resort, Akyra Manor, The Rim Resort, Rachamanka, 137 Pillars, and the Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa. Aslo mentioned is Chiang Mai’s premier accomodation for gay men – Club One Seven

club one seven guesthouse terrace
130 Year old Teakwood mansion at Club one Seven

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