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Chiang Mai Pride 2020 – 22 February – The Big Event

2020 – Chiang Mai Pride – bigger and better

Following the great success of Chiang Mai Pride 2019, the first gay and LGBT Pride event in Chiang Mai for ten years, Chiang Mai Pride 2020 is going to be even bigger and better. This second event by the new generation of Young Pride organisers promises to be a fantastic day celebrating LGBT causes, promoting equality and above all, remembering past and continuing violence against LGBT people across the globe.

Chiang Mai Pride 2019 - main event at a packed Thapae Gate
Chiang Mai’s successful pride event in 2009 – Big crowds gathered for the stage show at Thapae Gate [Photo Credit: The Standard/FB: @cnxpride]

22 February – day to remember violence against LGBT

22 February has become a significant date in the LGBT calendar for remembering with sadness, the events of 22 February 2009 when politically motivated thugs forcibly stopped Chiang Mai’s gay pride event. For those who maybe don’t know all the story, this article, “Pride Returns to Chiang Mai” explains about Chiang Mai Pride in 2019 and the events that marred that aborted event back in 2009.

homophobic thugs halt gay parade in chiang mai 22 feb 2009
Bad memories from 2009 – read more from Chiang Mai Mail

The 2020 Pride Event

This year 22 February, eleven years on from the events of 2009, again falls on a Saturday and provides an opportunity for an all day event. The proceedings will start at 9:00 a.m. with a morning of seminars by various civil rights groups. This is followed by preparation for the parade itself and an opportunity to visit the booths of many participating organisation.

The Parade will depart Buddha Satan (AKA Relion Practice Centre off Thapae Road, before Chang Klan Rd) and proceed around the Night Bazaar area, up Loi Kroh Road and around the moat to Le Dta’wan Market where the stage events will be held. The choice of stage venue is particularly poignant as it was here, at what was the Tawan Trendy Mall, that the parade organisers were forced by thugs to dismantle the stage back in 2009. (Le Dta’wan Market is situated at the intersection of Chang Klan and Sri Donchai Road close to 6ixcrets Cabaret),

Full Event Details

For full details of the event please click here to see Chiang Mai Pride 2020 event in our events calendar.

Chiang Mai Pride 2020 - Advert for gay and LGBT pride event 22 February

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