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Power Boys and the death knell of high season

As the mercury climbs and the smog descends the death knell of the “high Season” has sounded in Chiang Mai for another year. With only the occasional summer thunderstorm to bring any respite to the city, many of the resident Farangs are ending their winter sojourn and heading back to the budding spring climate of their western homes. Similarly, apart from the expected annual surge at Songkran week tourists have all but disappeared too. A situation not helped by the political instability in Thailand, government travel warnings and the economic situation in the West.

So once again we are left to wonder how many of Chiang Mai’s gay venues will survive the coming low season and still be around in 6 months time. Who will get washed away with the rains this year? Last year saw the loss of several Old Chiang Mai favourites: Coffee Boy, Doi Boy, Friendship Bar, Paradise, as well as new entrants like Yum-Boi-Boi who couldn’t make it.

Since the tragic death of it’s owner, Jay Gregson (AKA Pete) back in January, much local gossip has centred on the future of the Lanna Lavender Hotel and it’s associated businesses. Now it would appear this has seen it’s first casualty with last night (20 March) allegedly being the last night for the Power Boys GoGo at this location. We weren’t able to make the last night party so can’t confirm this first hand but believe the place is now closed, at least as a go-go. We’re not sure about what the future holds for the Cabaret show, but on a recent visit the Mamsan informed us the venue will re-open as a Pub Disco type venue for Songkran, aimed at a straighter crowd.

Meanwhile, more rumours say that Power-Boys will re-open again very soon at a venue near to Free Guy, we’ll update this when we know that is confirmed. Chang Puek has always been the preferred location for adult entertainment venue’s in Chaing Mai. Particularly Santitham with its many short time hotels, where many small, discreet drinking, gambling and whoring hideaways operate with impunity. Power Boys was always going to have a hard time with the authorities in such a high profile location in a District known always for its respectability and hi-so residential areas and clientele.

We’ve also heard a few rumours regarding Doi Boy and a few other new “phoenix venues” expected to re-incarnate in another form. More next time…………

Bon Tong.

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