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Information and Articles about Gay venue : Yum Boi Boi

Below you will find information about Yum Boi Boi bar with links to articles, photos and events tagged Yum Boi Boi

Yum Boi Boi was a beer bar in Santitham Plaza opened by a German guy helped by a collection of very young looking boys. It didn’t last long and closed around 2010.

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Yum Boi Boi

Venue is bar

This venue closed in  Closed September 2009

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Whatever Happened to…….. Part 1

After doing a few site updates we noticed how long the list of closed venues is getting, so we thought it would be fun to do an article taking a light hearted look at whatever happened to some of the old places and personalities from Chiang Mai’s gay scene of yesteryear. It quickly became apparent […]

Power Boys and the death knell of high season

As the mercury climbs and the smog descends the death knell of the “high Season” has sounded in Chiang Mai for another year. With only the occasional summer thunderstorm to bring any respite to the city, many of the resident Farangs are ending their winter sojourn and heading back to the budding spring climate of […]

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