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Circumcision – new HIV prevention initative

The local centre for disease control today announced new measures for reducing the incidence of HIV infection in male sex workers. Within 6 months all male sex workers must undergo mandatory circumcision as studies have now shown this greatly reduces the chances of HIV transmission during sex.

All workers currently employed in go-go bars, massage parlors and similar venues must submit to the operation within the time period, and after that date any new entrants to the business must be cut before they are allowed to start working. The six month period for implementation will allow current workers to stagger the timing of the operation as it is expected they will have to refrain from work for four weeks to allow recovery.

Once the deadline has passed health inspectors will regularly visit such establishments and inspect all penises for compliance. Any found to be un-circumcised will be offered the opportunity to be cut on the spot or fined up to ten thousand baht. The on the spot circumcisions will be free but performed without anesthetic to reduce costs, and to offer an incentive to comply with the law as the on the spot solution will be considerably painful.

To maximise the benefits the guidelines suggest that as much of the foreskin as possible should be removed and recommend that the Gomco clamp be used to make the job as neat as possible.

GomCo Clamp Gomco Clamp in use

Gomco Clamp and it’s use for adult circumcision.

It is also required that the frenulem be removed and the aim is to get the scar as close to the glans as possible for maximum aesthetic effect. Boys who are already registered sex workers will be able to get the operation done at a discounted rate of 500 Bt in government hospitals. Some may opt to get it done privately using other methods, but that will be at their expense. At least one Go-Go bar in Chiang Mai is understood to be negotiating with a local hospital to get a discount rate for block bookings.

As well as the obvious HIV health benefits circumcision is know to virtually eliminate incidence of penile cancer. The new measures are expected to produce benefits for the customer too. The total removal of all the foreskin and frenulem eliminates many nerve endings and sensation meaning, the boys will take much longer to ejaculate and give better value for money. Whilst some customers are said to welcome the move, others, particularly Americans, are very disappointed as coming to Thai land and finding men with foreskins is a great treat for many who lost their’s during infancy.

Asked if making circumcision mandatory was an infringement of civil liberties a spokesman responded, “this is not something mandated for the whole population, only for male sex workers, if they want to work in the industry”. He went on, “it is our duty to do what we can to reduce the spread of HIV and this small cut has big benefits”.

We asked a couple of guys from a local massage parlour what they thought. One said, “if it reduces the risk of me becoming infected with HIV I will get it done straight away after Songkran, since it will be low season then and leave time for healing”. Another complained, “I don’t think its fair that they will make us do this, I’m sure it will be very painful, especially using the clamp”. “I know it is quicker and cheaper for the government but I will probably pay to get it done privately using the freehand method as i heard that leaves less scarring”. He went on, “it also means I will loose four weeks money whilst waiting for it to heal, though it’s not just the money but also being unable to masturbate that will be the real disadvantage”. Another friend was more pragmatic, “I have a problem with premature ejaculation and my girlfriend will be pleased if it improves that”. “But sometimes it’s an advantage when you have an ugly old, fat, farang customer if you can get it over with very quickly”, he quipped.

The new law is expected to spark an increase in the amulet trade as many boys have their foreskins encapsulated as a souvenir which is believed to promote virility.

  1. christianpfc says:

    I think this is not funny, jokes about circumcision are tasteless.

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