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Hallelujah – It’s raining Men!

Well, unfortunately not, but the current weather in Chiang Mai is just as unbelievable. For what is meant to be the start of the hot season, and one of the most miserable periods of the year, it’s current raining and 17 °C at midday!

The current rainy spell started with evening showers on Friday, and has culminated in almost non stop rain for the last three days! Yesterday’s temperatures reached a tepid 19 °C whilst last night’s minimum was a shivering °C. OK for those of you reading this from Northern climes it’s not THAT cold, but for Chiang Mai where the seasonal average is 34 °C Max and 20 °C Minimum; it’s cold.

The good news is the rain has completely halted the burning season with associated air pollution and the temperatures make a refreshing change! It will be interesting to see whether this means air pollution stays low, or whether there is a last minute burning frenzy once things dry out.

Either way, the temperate relief will be short lived. The sun is due to re-emerge tomorrow and temperatures forecast to steadily climb reaching 37 °C by Monday. Enjoy it whilst it lasts!

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