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Note’s Birthday

It’s that time of year again. Yes, today is my birthday and don’t dare even think about asking how old I am!

To celebrate I went with a couple of the Bontong Boys to Doi Mae Salong in the very north of Thailand close to the border with Burma. Doi Mae Salong, also known as Santikhiri is a beautiful Chinese style village built along the crest of a mountain with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains.

The village was originally built by renegades from the KMT (Chinese: Kuo Min Tang) army after they fled from Burma following a period in exile there after the chinese civil war. The village was formerly a center of the Golden Triangle’s opium trade but more recently has become a major tea producing area and tourist attraction. The architecture is Chinese and most of the people living here are directly descended from the original KMT founders and still speak their Chinese dialect.

We took a few pictures:

Doi Mae Salong
Doi Mae Salong

Note at Doi Mae Salong Note at Doi Mae Salong

Note at Doi Mae Salong Note and Ice at Doi Mae Salong

We stayed overnight in a nice villa and ate some excellent local Chinese style food including black chicken soup, Yunnanese style tofu and baked wild mushrooms. Our rooms included a great balcony for sitting outside and enjoying the view whilst drinking beer!

Note at Doi Mae Salong
Our villa on the mountainside
Note and Ice at Doi Mae Salong
Cooling mountain water

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