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La mort en rose

Latest bar news is Chiang Mai Gay bar La Vie En Rose has closed down. Owner Krit had already sold the adjoining restaurant some months ago and has been trying to sell the bar too; seems he gave up and shut the doors.

Originally started as Nimman Kitchen by Krit, the restaurant quickly grew in popularity when it first opened with great Thai food and Northern specialties. Krit’s friendly personality and the interest he took in his customers definitely helped with it’s success.

However, the addition of La Vie En Rose bar alongside never really added anything to the restaurant and didn’t capture a large clientele despite an impressive two hundred guests at the opening party. Even a remodel of the original over sized and uncomfortable bar did nothing to attract more customers, and recently every time we’ve been the place was dead.

La Vie En RoseGay Bar in Chiang Mai
Recent photos of La Vie en Rose with no customers
Krit - La Vie En Rose
krit at the opening party of La vie en rose

We understand the restaurant is still open, but under the new ownership and all the gay staff have gone. West’s restaurant next door is also still open. We wish Krit all the best for the future and his other business activities.

One piece of good news, Mr Ben, the very sweet bar tender from la Vie En Rose went to work at Metro Bar, why don’t you go and see him there?

Cute Thai Boy
La Vie en Rose's cute bar tender Ben - now working at Metro Bar

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