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Chiang Mai – Flooding Update

After what seems to have been an interminably long rainy season this year, we were thinking the worst was over as we approach the end of September, but it was not to be. Following skillful management of the Ping river by the irrigation department all year, it finally overcame all and burst it’s banks in downtown Chiang Mai yesterday afternoon. Following heavy rains up north, and reservoirs already filled to capacity, the problem was compounded by water releases from major dams above Chiang Mai necessary to prevent them being breached.

With the river now running at 1.2 Meters above flood level, water has been pouring into low lying areas around the river for at least 24 hours now. Flooded areas in the city include the Night Bazaar and Changklan road, though areas to the South and East such as Nong Hoi and Wat Kat have been worst effected.

We heard lot’s of conflicting stories of what was happening so last night we sent out our intrepid reporters to wade through the waters and see what was going on first hand. Here are some photos:

Changklan Road and the main night Bazzar area was thigh deep in muddy brown water and a strong current of water was rushing up Loi Khro road from the river. Down at the river it was worse with the river flowing very fast and only just passing under the iron bridge at the end of Loi Kroh. The flooding to the East side was even worst, though our attention was momentarily diverted by the squad of hunky Mae Jo university student volunteers filling sand bangs wearing just shorts (sorry, no pictures of that scene 🙁 ).

At the night Bazaar Thapae Soi 1 was flooded almost up to Thapae road (which was O.K.). The Night Bazaar itself had a major sandbagging operation going on which was keeping water out of the lower levels, successfully so far. At the Sleaze alley bars the water was not inside yet and the bars were open and even had a couple of customers, though you have to wade through the water to get there.

So what is the effect of other gay businesses in town? Probably worse hit is Club One Seven who should change there description from, “on the river” to “in the river”. We haven’t checked but One-2Come massage is almost certainly flooded as it has been in previous years, Likely effected are other massage places in the area: His Club, Blues Club and Victory, though as all of these have massage rooms upstairs the immediate effect on business is limited.

River Ping flood Club One SevenClub One Seven Flood
Flooding at Club One Seven Guest house

For more pictures see Club one Seven on Facebook Regrettably due to the floods Club one Seven will be closed for at least 3 days to allow the water to subside and the clean up to be completed. If you have any questions, contact Khun Tang at 0818688417

Since last night we know the water level at Loi Kroh road has risen and reached the Thai Boxing Stadium which may effect the bars there, and also Kampahangmuang Gallery and 2Brothers Massage, but this is on the limit of the flooding so far, so should not cause them vast problems. However, the river levels have not dropped significantly today and are forecast to rise tonight if more reservoir water is released so it could be these bars have to close for a day or so, or at best the customers will get wet feet :). Yokka Dok, near Thapae is open normally.

Elsewhere in town the flooding has had no effect, except for higher traffic from people avoiding blocked roads. All the bars and venues in Chang Puek, Santitham, Huay Kaew and Nimannheminda areas are operating normally.