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Radchada Garden Café – Photo Gallery

Radchada Garden Café has been open since Saturday and we have a few photos for you.

Open everyday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. Radchada Garden Café is a great place to relax in peaceful settings and enjoy a morning coffee, afternoon tea or early evening drink. There will also be food available soon making it a new option for breakfast and lunch. It’s quiet location makes you feel you are in the countryside rather than Chiang Mai city, yet it is just off the superhighway and easy to get too.

The Radchada boys are looking forward to taking care of you when you visit and hope to see you soon

  1. hakan says:

    its good to see new gay places in chiang mai, of course it will never be a pattaya ( and i wish never be ).
    Also i remember there was a new project of a go go bar what happened to it ? I think Ian from pattaya was looking for a place i’ve heard . the name of the bar was sky or blue something like that.

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