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Thailand gets attitude

A 16 year old icon of gay life in the U.K. will debut in Thailand today. Launching in bookstores across the country is Attitude Thailand, a Thai version of the world renowned Gay lifestyle magazine. It is published by GMM inter Publishing with a cover price of 150 Bt.

Attitude Thailand First Issue front cover

In an interview with The Nation Publisher and Editor Laikram Lerdvitayaprasit said, “We had quite a few international magazines in mind, but Attitude is the strongest in content and style, and it’s a long-established brand”.

“We aim to celebrate gender diversity, not just sell a magazine to gay people”. It won’t be just self-promotional pep talks for homosexuals!.

Attitude Thailand will be based on 70% of the UK content but tailored to suit a Thai audience with appropriate adjustments for Thai cultural sensibilities.

Started in the UK in 1994, Attitude magazine is, according to their website, the undisputed heavyweight of the gay media. Teeming with style, irreverent wit and exclusive celebrity content, Attitude contains writing from the most respected gay voices from home and abroad, the coolest, cutting edge style coverage and the biggest blockbusting celebrity exclusives, which leave other magazines – gay and straight – trailing far behind.

Some of the most historic issues were Tony Blair’s only gay press interview ever (the first and only time a serving Prime Minister has talked to a gay publication), Madonna’s first interview in the world to launch her Confessions On A Dancefloor album, Heath Ledger’s only gay press interview in the UK, and Robbie William’s first big interview after leaving Take That.

Attitude has become the essential one stop read for anyone who wants an intelligent gay take on the world – but knows there is life outside of the Ghetto.

We wish Attitude Thailand every success!

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