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CU Bar and Secrets move to new location

Last night saw the packed opening of CU Bar and Secrets Bar which have moved to new locations outside the old Sleaze Alley. Judging by the number of people there they got off to a good start with partying going on well into the early hours.

The new location is very close by the old one in the strip of bar/restaurant units adjacent to the old alley. If coming from Loi Kroh road along Thapae soi 1 the bars are on the left at the end of the Night Bazaar parking lot. Secrets is at the end of the row with CU Bar in the middle. Checkout our map below for the precise location:

View Night Bazaar in a larger map

  1. admin says:

    A further update is Milky Way bar has moved to the front of the old alley opposite where Secrets was. This gives it exposure to the street and is still not a bad location compared with being the only bar half way down a deserted soi.

    Secrets and CU bar seem to be doing great business in the new location.

  2. Matt says:

    I stopped going to these bars sometime ago. It’s not the bars that were the “Sleaze”, but the underage boys and the elderly men they attracted. Especially those creeps who sit there all night groping young boys in public.

    A new location and paint job wont’ change anything unless the owners keep out both the kids and the pedos.

  3. San Ook says:

    I missed the opening but the second night was continued to hold with customers gravitating to each of the new sites without difficulty. Pleasant to see how much has happened in such a short time. Both places are quite habitable. O at Secrets reports wifi is to be installed along with continuing touches for privacy; the space is already expanding. CU’s grand opening isn’t even until next week, but the customers are there and plans to keep the old one running are apparently scuttled as the new is clearly the draw.

    Still no word on Milky Way, except that it remains open in the original space. There remain stalls in the new site. It’s hard to imagine they won’t attract establishments with similar interests. The new sites for Secrets and CU can’t be called “Sleaze Alley” by any stretch, so the days of that unfortunate name would seem to be numbered. (Again, no financial interest in these establishments… just a patron happy with the new sites.)

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