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Gay Scene Updates

In the last few months there have been several new venues open in Chiang Mai, and a few closed too. Here is our summary:

The biggest new venue for some time to arrive on the scene is See Man Pub. This large, purpose built, modern style venue is located on the Canal Road near Phucome intersection with Huay Kaew Road and opposite the Phucome Hotel.

See Man Pub

Two new Guest houses have opened in the Santitham Area, QI 68 is on Santirak Road and Mansfield Residence on Viang Bua soi 4.

At the Night Bazaar, CU Bar and Secrets bar have moved to new locations and seem to be doing bettert business there. Meanwhile, in the old Sleaze Alley, Milky Way moved to the front of the Soi and Twin peaks recently re-opened. These are the only bars left here and it’s very quiet.

There is one new Massage place, Spa Tacus, but some others have disappeared, notably The Wall, Club M-Massage, and Five on Chiang Moi.

SpaTacus Chiang Mai

Several bars have closed: Cheerleaders Bar, Memory by Doi Boy, La La and DTs; however, the bar at one-2 come massage has re-opened under new management

Ram Coffee is a nice new place to get a coffee down near the river. Last but not least don’t forget our friends at Radchada Garden Café. Radchada Garden Café is now open until 10 p.m. as well as a full service bar where you can sit and enjoy a drink, Radchada has an excellent menu of Italian food including thin crust Pizza

Radchada Cafe

  1. baboo says:

    There was nothing remotely gay about my spatacus massage. It gave me no feeling at all. I was encouraged to accept the aromatherapy massage and I asked for a scrub. There was only one guy there to do the massage on a saturday night. He told me to take a shower, he covered me with a scrub then gave me my damp towel and told me to go take a shower. At this point I was considering just leaving but I thought surely theings would get better. He kept his clothes on the whole time, kept me covered with a towel, said 10 words max and I was truly just waiting for it to be over. Now I know why the price includes a tip: they wouldn’t get one otherwise. Sorry Spatacus,, I am not a good customer for you.

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