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Low Season decline?

Seems like it’s started early this year; cloudy skies for the past two weeks and now we hear of the first low season casualty ahead of the full onset of rainy season next month. According to their website Ram Coffee Shop is now closed and will only open in the evenings as a bar from 4 p.m. Seems a shame as we hear good things about their coffee, though we have heard a few complaints recently from disappointed customers who made the trek over there only to find they were closed.

RAM+ Coffee
RAM Coffee, sadly for all the Caffeine addicts, now closed.

However, we can report that several of Chiang Mai’s gay businesses are doing very well for the time of year, and despite the economic gloom emanating from Europe. Chiang Mai’s four go-go bars have all been busy, Especially Adam’s Apple Club and Free Guy where the boys have been enjoying playing to a full house with a good mix of Thai, Ex-pat and tourist customers.

Seeman Pub on the Canal Road is another venue that has gone from strength to strength since it opened in February and now the students are back in residence, is proving very popular at weekends. It also seems to be benefiting from the authorities recent clampdown on it’s larger competitors like Mandalay Bar and Warmup Cafe. Another fun part of town packed with small bars that is throbbing again with the return of the student population is Santitham Plaza.

The boys at Radchada Garden Cafe also seem happy with the way business is going, according to Khun Note. “We are building up a nice regular clientele and have had some really fun evenings of late”, he went on, “our Pizza’s seem to be proving really popular now, both with westerners and with Thais, which makes me very happy”. Radchada has also benefited from the students return with quite a few of Note’s friends hanging out there every night.

Radchada Gay Boys
Note with Aun and Ong at Radcahda Garden Café

So, if you are considering visiting Chiang Mai anytime soon there is still plenty going on in the gay bars here. You won’t be disappointed!

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