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See man pub

An interesting new venue opened in Chiang Mai in the last week. See man pub is a new seemingly gay friendly, or maybe completely gay venue close to the Nimannaheminda Road area of town.

See man pub

It’s located right on the east side of the Canal road, opposite the Phucome hotel (See our Chiang Mai Gay Map). Large Thai style venue, with stage and tables for standing around and drinking. Modern design inside and out looks very trendy. Live music and coyote boys are among the highlights. At first glance it seems to be more a Thai entertainment venue, like Mandalay etc, rather than something that would appeal to most older foreigners here, but should be fun for the young, or young at heart. We will check it out soon and report back.

  1. hakan says:

    ok i was there last night its a huge place about 25 people were there many tables were empty but it was a week day and a new place but is really huge. I was the only farang and just a few girls mostly young thai gays . Has a good show with indian musics and many handsome go go boys .

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