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Upcoming Holidays and Events

In April there are several holidays and events in Chiang Mai, if you are planning a visit here you may wish to take note of these.

Friday 6th April – Chakri Day – Chakri Day commemorates the founding of the Chakri dynasty, the current Royal family in Thailand. The Chakri dynasty was founded with King Rama I in 1782. The current King, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, is Rama IX. Chakri Day is a public holiday in Thailand, Government offices, banks and many business are closed on this day. Bars and restaurants are normally open and selling Alcohol.

Sunday 8th April – Municipal Council Elections will be held in four Chiang Mai districts; Nakorn Ping, Mengrai, Sriwichai and Kawila. These districts cover most of Chiang Mai city within the super highway, including the city center. Normally, the consumption of alcohol is banned on election days from 6 p.m. on the preceding day until midnight after the polls close.

8th-10th April – Royal Funeral in Bangkok for Her Royal Highness Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda, who was the only child of King Vajiravudh, Rama VI. The Princess died on July 27 2054 aged 85 and is a first cousin of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The main day is April 9, when the cremation itself will be held at the specially constructed Royal Crematorium at Sanam Luang in Central Bangkok near the Royal Palace. Traditional Thai cultural performances will run in the area around the crematorium from 6pm on April 9 until the following morning. Night time entertainment veues have been asked to suspend their businesses from 8th 10th April as a mark of respect for the late Princess.

Princess Bejaratana
Her Royal Highness Princess Bejaratana

In practice, the above events are likely to mean bars restaurants and entertainment venues will not be selling alcohol from 6 p.m. Saturday 7 April until after 10 April. Many venues will likely be closed although we don’t at this time have official confirmation of the details.

12th April – Pre Songkran partying. Although Songkran does not start until 13 April, around the moat in Chaing Mai city revellers have a tradition of starting early. If you venture downtown on this day you are likely to get wet!

13th – 15th AprilSongkran – the Thai New Year festival. Sawatdee Pee Mai Thai!

16th – 17th April – Songkran Holiday substitution days. As the holiday falls on a weekend extra substitution holidays are added. Government offices, Banks and many businesses will be closed on these days.

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