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AsiaOut – New LGBT Community website for Asia

Another event this Valentines day was the launching of a new website AsiaOut – An Asia wide LGBT community website.

AsiaOut Website - LGBT Community website

AsiaOut is a joint development between Dragoncastle and CambodiaOut who have joined forces to make a single new site.

AsiaOut logo has been successful in promoting and informing the GLBT community in South East Asia and quickly expanded from being a local site dedicated to the GLBT community in Cambodia, to giving extensive coverage to many other countries in the region. is one of Thailand’s longest running GLBT websites, which celebrated its 18th birthday early in 2013, and has proven success in the wider SE Asia region with it’slively approach.

AsiaOut provides country and city guides to all of Asia’s main gay destinations as well as news and events about what is going on. It will also provide interactive members only areas as well as gay dating online. Go check it out – AsiaOut

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