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Male Massage in Gay Chiangmai

Happy Endings down at the old Rub and Tug

Update on Gay Male Massage Shops

A benefit of running several gay websites in Chiang Mai is we get lots of statistics about site visitors, what they are searching for and the content they view the most. The one topic that is consistently popular in Chiang Mai is where to get a male massage, often called massage for men by men or M2M massage. We frequently receive messages asking for massage recommendation too. This article gives an update on the massage scene and a few hot tips about where to go.

For details of the different gay massage shops in Chiang Mai you can read our Chiang Mai Gay Guide guide to massage for men by men. However, information about the various shops is only part of the story as customer satisfaction is very subjective. Customer’s perceptions are often more related to their choice of masseur, and what they will do, than the shop itself.

Gay male Massage for men by men in Chiang Mai

Whilst, a clean and tastefully decorated shop with good facilities, parking and a discreet location is an obvious requirement, a friendly reception and a professional attitude from the manger are equally important too. As is good advice on selecting the best masseur for a particular customers tastes.

The wrong choice of masseur can mean a big disappointment
The wrong choice of masseur can mean a big disappointment

Also important, is whether the masseur has been properly trained in the art of massage, or is merely the bhat equivalent of a two-bit whore who is just there to slap around some oil and get that happy ending over with as soon as possible. If the masseur doesn’t perform satisfactorily, the customer is unlikely to recommend the shop or to return.

It is hard for us to give advice about which male massage shop and which masseurs, as ultimately the choice is very personal and most people’s first hand experiences are too limited to provide significant comparisons. We do however receive quite a bit of feedback from visitors to Chiang Mai on their experiences which gives some ideas about which are the preferred places. As the massage shops are spread around town location is also a factor effecting choice and our guide categorises the massage shops by the area where they are located.

Although their is significant demand for gay massage services in Chiangmai, there is an oversupply of massage shops. Every year new places open, other places close. In general, those that have survived for a while are likely to have a higher level of customer satisfaction. But, be aware also that some places change hands; there are a some established shops in Chiang Mai which are something of a disappointment under new management.

Location, Location, Location

Many Chiang Mai gay visitors stay in the Chang Puek area where much of the gay accommodation is located, as well as all the go-go bars

Marn Mai Gay Massage in Chiang MaiOne massage shop in Chang Puek that has been established for many years, and that we hear consistently good things about is Marn Mai Massage. It is close to the moat, behind Wat Lok Molee. Located in a smaller side street it offers complete discretion and has a private parking lot adjacent to it. Downstairs the reception area is quaintly decorated with Lanna style furnishings and there are several handsome masseurs waiting to take you to the upstairs rooms.

One of the handsome Masseurs waiting for you at Marn Mai
One of the handsome Masseurs waiting for you at Marn Mai

Situated in the down town tourist area, 2 Brothers is another shop that gets good reviews. It is just off Loi Kroh road, opposite the boxing ring. 2 brothers also has a Bar and a pool table so you can actually play with your masseur before the massage :). There are a few other shops in and around downtown too with Classic House being one that’s been around the longest.

A bit out of town situated a few Km south of the night bazaar a number of massage parlours are located in and around the area known as Chiang Mai Land. The longest established and best known of these is The Blue’s Club which has built up a solid reputation.

Welcome to Blue's Club
Welcome to Blue’s Club

Gay Massage shop comings and goings

In the last year or so there have been several changes in the gay M2M massage shop line up as places have opened, closed, re-named and re-opened. We said goodbye to Spatacus and Victory massage. In Chiang Mai Land, The moaning whores didn’t last long at Hormone Massage which already shut up shop and even being born again as New Heaven couldn’t save Heaven massage from extinction. Instead 333 Club M, which opened earlier this year, are trying their luck.

After going to the Wall earlier this year, we’re please to report The Wall has now re-opened with a French twist as De Lamur Massage. One of Chiang Mai’s oldest massage shops, the amusingly named one 2 come has come under new management and is now called Top To Toe. Mystic orient also changed owners and is now called Paradise Massage.

Give us Feedback

If you’ve enjoyed a massage at a particular shop or with a particular massage boy why not post a comment here, to let us and others know, or send us a message. But, please spare us too much detail about what went on behind closed doors!

  1. hakan says:

    never been there last 1 year but try 69 club, really very clean, the house is huge , rooms are clean, boys are nice and handsome, definately my favorite place, and one tip, 2 hand massage is worth to try and u can bargain the price, mamasan will give a better price then the price list for the 2 hand massage.

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